M HKA, together with Swiss art book publisher JRP | Ringier, publishes a publication accompanying the exhibition Jimmie Durham. A matter of life and death and singing. This richly illustrated book presents an overview of Durham's long career as an artist. The numerous photographs of Durham's work are grouped around various concepts and ideas as they occur throughout his oeuvre: the works with animal skulls for instance in “Animal skulls and other figures”, the self-portraits and videos of performances in “Self-Portraits. Performance. Surveillance”, the series of poles he created to mark various places in the world, the Europe-oriented works in “The center of the world. Eurasia”, the works against architecture in “Against Architecture. Against Belief”, the works made ​​with stones in “Stone as stone” and “Stone tool”, and the works in which he uses different types of materials such as plumbing pipes in “Plumbing and other objects” ... In addition, the publication contains three essays that frame the work of Jimmie Durham: Report to Molly Spotted Elk and Josephine Baker by the artist himself, in which he describes his working method by means of a diary-like sketch of various projects, The Questioner – material and verbal wit by Guy Brett on sagacity and wit in the work of Jimmie Durham, and The Malice and Benevolence of Inanimate Objects by Richard William Hill on the anti-architecture of Jimmie Durham. The introduction is written by curators Bart De Baere and Anders Kreuger.
Jimmie Durham | A Matter of Life and Death and Singing
editor Anders Kreuger, publisher JRP | Ringier, 160 p.
ISBN 978-3-03764-289-4, language English with a Dutch
text attachment, price € 32.00
For sale in the M HKAshop from May 24 onwards.