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De Cinema

The Cinema, M HKA’s film operation, housed in De Studio, a multidisciplinary cultural center in Antwerp, shows high-profile films that often remain under the radar.

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Antwerp, hotspot for contemporary art

Antwerp not only has a rich art history. The city also has a vibrant contemporary art scene, with the M HKA as an important pioneer and hub. Scattered throughout the districts, you will find bustling studios, renowned art schools and numerous large and specialised art galleries. Antwerp also hosts international art events.

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New museum building for the Muhka

Antwerp not only has a rich art history, but also a vibrant contemporary art scene, with Muhka as an important hub. A brand new building for Muhka will give a boost to contemporary visual art in the city and the world.

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Superhost 2024

Apple. An Introduction (over and over and once again)

How many apple varieties are there? Where do wild apple trees grow? What does the freedom of apples entail? Conceptual artist Pawel Freisler and artist Antje Majewski explore the dual nature of apples as both an object of art and a reference point in discussions about the loss of biodiversity. With guest works by Chantal Akerman, Jimmie Durham, Ian Hamilton Finlay and many more.