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De Cinema


A new story begins, the story of De Cinema (The Cinema). Born from a collaboration between two institutions that appear to be somewhat of an odd couple: Cinema Zuid, the film operation of the M HKA with its focus on the film-historical approach to cinema, and De Studio, a young and dynamic multidisciplinary cultural house in the heart of the city. Their merger results in both a quest and an adventure.

An exciting quest – at least, that is what we hope – and believe in. We believe in the return of the cinema as a collective experience. We believe in beauty without expiration date. We believe in a dynamic canon. We believe in the power of film as a contributing factor in the social debate.

De Cinema invites you to participate in this adventure, to feel at home with us, to share with others. Come and enjoy a taste of film history and contemporary cinema. Here, you will find the time and space for both deeper thinking and pop culture.

The full film programme can be found on the De Cinema website.