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Tailor-made guided tours in M HKA

Whoever takes a guided tour in M HKA, can expect customisation. With their extensive knowledge, our enthusiastic team of guides stands ready to explain contemporary art in all its guises, but also to give everyone an unforgettable viewing experience.

The guided tours for schools are adapted to the pupils’ level. The guide takes you on a discovery trip through the museum; together, you will look at art, interpret images, philosophise about colours and smells, discover new ideas and sources of inspiration and have a good conversation about the latest art trends. This way, you are introduced to new insights and ideas on various subjects.

A Lab in M HKA

In addition to guided tours, M HKA offers a number of labs for schools. During two hours and a half, contemporary art and experimenting with materials and media are central. During the labs students plunge in the art of DOING. Experiencing, exploring and room for experimentation are key!

Welcome from 9:00 on!
Exclusively for school groups who book a guided tour.