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A museum is not only a place for artworks, it is a place filled with stories. A place of encounters, with art, artists and with each other. A place to discover and get inspired. On the M HKA blog we share a selection of these stories.

Some articles are currently only available in Dutch.

New museum

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new museum

Antwerp approves plans for new Muhka building

27 May 2024

The city of Antwerp has approved the preliminary design for the new spatial implementation plan (RUP) of the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA). The ambition is to create an iconic building that strengthens the cultural core of the Het Zuid district and forms a link between the Scheldt quays and the Gedempte Zuiderdokken.

new museum

Six candidate-designers selected for ambitious Flemish new museum building for Muhka

3 May 2024

The Minister of Culture has appointed six candidate designers who will be tasked with developing their proposals for the new museum building for M HKA over the course of this year. This new building marks a new era for M HKA and serves as a crucial means for further advancing the Flemish contemporary visual arts sector and enhancing its international visibility.

Mass (and Individual) Moving (2023, M HKA, Antwerp)

new museum

Design team sought for ambitious new museum building project M HKA

23 Jun 2023

Do you know the masterpiece by the Chinese artist Wang Du in the collection of the Flemish Community, or the groundbreaking multimedia installations that established Yang Fudong as a symbol of the Shanghai art scene? In recent years, the collection of the Flemish Community has received considerable attention, especially for its emphasis on artists from Flanders.  The fact that Flanders possesses a top collection of international contemporary art has often been overlooked until now. This is set to change.


new museum

Relaunch for Museum of Contemporary Art construction project in Antwerp

21 Apr 2023

The Flemish government has approved the updated project budget for the study and construction of a new M HKA, totalling 130 million euros. Additionally, the government has made a call for a design team for the new building.


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