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Showing Off 9

29 Mar - 5 May 2024

Schools regularly organise cultural activities such as theatre and film performances, workshops and museum visits. Children and youngsters who attend classes at hospital school De Leerexpert often lack these opportunities. Reason enough for De Leerexpert Ziekenhuisschool and M HKA to join forces, for the ninth  year in a row.

In workshops under the guidance of professional artists, the pupils then experimented with different materials and media. This exhibition is a narrative about the wonder, experiment, action and creativity that arise when children and youngsters are exposed to contemporary art.

This summer, M HKA will show The Lives of Animals, a group exhibition that aims to re-examine our relationship to animals. In anticipation of this, we have invited the artists guiding the workshops at The Hospital School to also seek inspiration from the book The Lives of Animals by writer, animal rights activist and Nobel laureate John Maxwell Coetzee.